a word use to describe most Vietnamese people due to their hair. Usually uses large volumes of moose, gel, and hair spray to move their hair back.
Look at them charlies, all of them are slick backs!
by MODbuddie415 March 16, 2008
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Often used to refer to someone's hair as a compliment. Meaning, the person flattened their hair nicely to ensure the style looks neat.
Example: Wow, Shantasia brushed her nice and at into that slick back! It looks really nice and stylish!
by JollyQ August 8, 2019
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A hair-do that appears wet or greasy and is slicked down and/or back.
I didn't blow dry my hair before i put it in a pony tail so i totally feel like slick back sally!
by Softballer10 February 14, 2008
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One who is greasy, dirty, and has hair wet looking in appearance
Girl your hair is greasy looking like a slicked-back-grease-cat
by Cinnamonraisinbread June 2, 2016
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When someone's hair is extremely slicked back to the point where no matter what their personality is, they are judged solely on appearance. People who are "slicked the fuck back" are usually very egocentric.

Abbreviated as STFB
"Man, did you see that guy? He was Slicked the Fuck Back.
by TheCashier November 10, 2010
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from the song mood by iann dior, it means: i'm talking me and my friends wear nice suits(slick back), relaxing(kick back),
drinking(gang sippin') alcohol(forties)
Only thing I need to know is if you wet enough
I'm talking slick back, kick back, gang sippin' forties
You keep playin', not another day with you shorty
by je11y January 18, 2022
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When you ejaculate into a tub of hair gel/moose/wax and proceed to slick you or a friends hair back.
I once gave myself a sloppy slick-back.
by 4n41F10W November 16, 2017
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