To copy the work of another, usually from wikipedia, without attribution.
That's a fascinating piece you wrote about the Byzantine Empire. Did you write it, or did you sles it?
by Fletcher, Naaman November 17, 2008
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A very short nap that doesn’t qualify as a nap. Usually used when someone sleeps extremely late to the point of just not sleeping.
Person 1: I slept at 5am yesterday studying for my 5:30am exam

Person 2: Slept? Nah you slet.
by Mesteryl April 8, 2022
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I don't know, I was banging seven gram rocks, until they sent me to a SLE.
by alinzexcore October 10, 2011
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Annoying little sister very sassy and verrrryyy over dramatic about one ice cube in her water glass (will judge you for you phone camera)
1:I HATE ice in my water glass ugggg why do you hate MEEEE
2:why are you such a SLE gosh
by :):(:)jdbhshs June 2, 2020
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Sle=asshole or 🍤
Ey yo you're sle
Wtf babe,why ur penis is so sle
by #1 gay June 8, 2020
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