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what it says. watching someone wile they sleep- can be romantic, or something a stalker would do.
1. Susie's bf was so sweet, he stayed up all night sleep watching.

2. While Bobby was asleep, a girl was outside with binoculars sleep watching.
by silvercold9 November 04, 2007
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A condition of falling asleep while watching TV. Most often seen when a boring show has just ended. It is most often found in Ben Hatley but also is seen in his wife, Olivia. They don't watch TV together much because of this. It is intensely hard to treat.
Ben: Hey Liv, I think 'Bodies in Motion' is on the TV. Want to watch it?

Liv: Sure, but we'll probably end up sleep watching.

Gilad: No you won't!! If you're gonna watch me you better do it?

Myrtle: Stupid Rascal, making me stiff like that. Maybe this will help.

Ralph: Count me in too, I need a workout.

Necky: You know, this is cool. I used to watch this when it was on before. Great workout.

Gil: (laughing at Necky) Did you like it?

Necky: Yes, I did. Used to do it when I was in the Marines. (gives a salute and screams 'Hoorah!')

(Ben and Liv start stretching on each other. Gil is laughing at Ben and Liv.)

Beatrice: Ten hut!!! One, two, three, four, you'd better work yourself some more!

Ben: (yawn) I knew we'd end up sleep watching. This is tough!
by Dusty's Baby Powder March 07, 2011
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