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Someone with the heart of 10 mother fuckers. Someone that wants to win at all costs and is willing to carry the weight of his team on his shoulders to do so. A sled dog is a selfless warrior.
Hussey is a legitimate sled dog, you shoulda saw him bongin beers for everyone and beating everyones ass in boozeball. If i dont get hussey on my team ill be pissed off.
by boozehound number 1 July 20, 2008
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another name for female rugby players at the Naval Academy, comes from the animalistic grunting sounds they make in a scrum.
Are you going to watch the sled-dogs play rugby?

No, I don't like vomiting in public.
by Scott McCann November 19, 2003
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An often misunderstood leadership concept, to "sled-dog" is just like it sounds to the initiated. To those unfamiliar with the term, this article will attempt to explain the vast meaning behind this simple compound word used to describe an extraordinarily intense leadership mindset. To put this concept into practice is not for the feint of heart, and it is suggested that only the strong willed exercise the leadership styles embracing the concept of "sled-dogging".

To best understand how one would "sled-dog" an adversary or challenge, picture yourself observing a pack of sled-dogs pulling a sled. You notice that the lead dog, content in his position, is not truly pulling his weight. Infuriated, you run in step behind the lead dog, and you slit his throat. It is not enough to simply slit this alpha dog's throat. It is imperative that a show of it is made to the other dogs in order to demonstrate to them your aggression and desire to lead.

Once the slaying is finished, you pick up the body of the now dead alpha dog, and you cast the corpse aside. You then take the reigns and push with all your might. Your new pack will now follow you, pulling your sled through the frozen wastes of Hell's 9th Circle if you wish it so.
We've got a lot of hard work to do. We're going to have to "sled-dog" through it.

I hate that guy. I'm going to "sled-dog" his ass.

Our boss is not pulling his weight around here and needs to be removed. I'm going to "sled-dog" that fellow and make things right around here.
by Master Sled Dog April 10, 2009
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Somewhat of a whore just younger version.
Did you see that sleddog? Everyone's hit that.

Everyone around the block has slept with that little sleddog.
by AngMeister September 28, 2006
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