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no black person has had to suffer through slavery in america. therefore no black person should get reparations.
show me a slave and i'll pay his reparations...but you can't they're all dead.
by fedupwithPC_BS May 27, 2005
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A socio-political concept that involves taking resources from white people as payment for a crime they did not commit and giving these resources to black people who where not the victims of the crime. Slavery reparations involves a number of unique philosophical concepts that have no legal precedent. First, the premise that guilt is not only inherited by skin color but is collectively distributed - that is, all members of the white race should pay for what a very small proportion actively engaged in (the slave trade). Second, it employs the novel concept that the right to compensation is also inherited by skin color and collectively distributed - that is, all black people will get money, whether or not their ancestors were slaves. Third, it violates a concept within most legal systems called the Grandfather clause, which basically states that one cannot be made into a criminal simply by changing the law and redefining legal behavior as criminal behavior.

Slavery reparations is a misguided attempt at alleviating white guilt and black frustration. It is misguided for many reasons, the first of which is that monetary payments cannot change the past, and will have only a marginal impact upon the future of blacks as a race. It will be a big insult for whites, however, who will be angry at having payment extorted for a crime they did not commit. Blacks who are angry will not be pacified by putting a price on the lives & suffering of their (supposed) ancestors. Finally, let's face it, quality of life is better in America - their payment is that they are here and not in Botswana, Rwanda or Sudan, where they would be starving, living in fear and without basic amenities such as clean water and the rule of law.

The true beneficiaries will be lawyers (who will take their 50% of the haul, laughing all the way to the bank) and politicians who can say (mistakenly) that they are champions of the black cause because they championed reparations.
Long ago, black Africans enslaved their fellow blacks so they might sell them to white slavers, who would bring them to America. As time went by, whites felt guilty about enslaving their fellow man and abolished slavery in numerous Western socities. In America it came by force during a Civil War, during which many white soldiers died defeating a government that permitted slavery. Blacks were freed, although not considered fully human by some laws. As time went by, laws of equality were passed. The lot of blacks in America improved and their middle class swelled, but they were still not equal. So rather than be thankful for the progress that they have made and are making, some blacks choose to slap their white liberators and societal benefactors by seeking slavery reparations.
by FigurinOutLife May 12, 2006
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A policy of reparation that emulates the recent reparation by German companies to Jewish citizens who were enslaved for profit by companies in WW2. As that provided a legal precedent, the concept gained favor among some Black groups as a way to make up for the "40 acres and a Mule" White society promised and reneged on. For an overview of the systemic and habitual reneging, see Japanese -American history, Native American history and Hawaiian history. Though the concept of reparation is viewed by most Black Americans as a lark, the majority of White society continues to believe that Black society is a monolithic entity seeking to instill guilt and loot the coffers of good upstanding White citizens. As this is certainly not the case, this is proof positive of the long standing contention that White societies tend to underestimate and stereotype members of other groups (denied of course by most White Americans).

While it is true that Black societies also engaged in black-on-black slavery, it is also true that every civilization on the planet has engaged in slavery, as it is a perverse condition and testimony to the cruelty of mankind towards his fellow man. As white-on-white slavery also exists/existed, that did not seem to be a relevant defense for German companies such as Bayer. To justify one's participation in such a depraved act by virtue that others also engaged in it reveals the shallow nature of even the most educated, who generally only revert to pre-packaged rhetoric for lack of a better constructed argument.

It is also the nature of some insecure, race-centric antagonists to point out the inventions of all 'White' societies as if they were 'American' inventions, without regard that Rene De Cartes, the French philosopher who co-invented analytical geometry (the predecessor of Calculus) would more likely identify himself as 'French' since the term 'White' is so indistinguishable as a descriptor (among MOST Caucasian countries except Americans) it is virtually useless. This insecurity also manifests itself in overt omissions of French superiority in science; the nuclear energy they are so proud of was discovered by the Curries, one French, one a Pole educated and living in France. At this time in the U.S., the French are currently viewed in a derogatory manner by Americans quick to claim their successes in a random division based on pigmentation, but also likely to refer to them as 'cheese-eating surrender monkeys' and point out their lack of military sucess. And it should be noted that during Currie's time Warsaw was in a part of Poland controlled by the Czar, who oppressed the Polish people and attempted to diminish their history and culture.

In conclusion, the very argument for reparations rests on the same logic the Jewish reparations were based. Not the slavery, but the profit. As you view the antebellum mansions in the South (a testimony to the power of profit) and recall the economic and manufacturing power the United States became as a result, you should be reminded that your prosperity also rests on the backs of millions of slaves, and not entirely on your own (or borrowed) ingenuity. This as a whole sheds light on some particularly unsavory 'White-America Society's' racist, elitist and sexist tendencies, seeking to diminish the contributions of others while exaggerating their own without regard to context or accuracy. Which is precisely why we're going to sue your arrogant asses! That you understand.
"I'll never live to see slavery reparations, but I can tie up the court system forever."

"I would rather have equality in society rather than slave reparations."

"White people would rather pay millions to kill Iraqis than pay a Black person any slave reparations."

"America would rather pay some fat person a large settlement for eating at McDonalds than to pay slave reparations."
by The Dutchman June 01, 2004
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