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A bald person, or in the absence of a bald person, someone with a large forehead
"have you seen joannes boyfriend, he's a bleedin slap 'ed
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
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A slaphead is usually a guy who is so naturally bald he makes most bald people look positively hirsuit, but really it can be any guy who is definitely bald or going bald. A slaphead is so obviously bald that you just wish it was acceptable to point out the patently obvious by slapping them 5 or 6 times in rapid succession on their bald shiny head. The term slaphead was actually introduced in the comedy of Benny Hill, a world famous British comedian (deceased). Benny always used a sketch where a small bald man would do something a little annoying to Benny Hill and benny would slap the guy a few times on his bald head.
boy1: What shall I buy my dad for christmas?
boy2: Well your dad's a slaphead so get him some
slaphead polish and a wooly hat

A rhyme sung by errant children to bald guys before running away quickly:

slaphead slaphead over there
what's it like to have no hair
is it hot or is it cold
you would know cuz you're so bald

by happyslapper December 09, 2007
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A person with a bald head. Usually one that looks as if it's been waxed.
I can see my own reflection on the slaphead's head.
by Starsky July 30, 2003
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Slaphead can affectionately point out something stupid done by yourself or a colleague. Its that moment when you realise the problem you have spent ages trying to find is discovered and its soo simple or soo stupid and soo obvious.
Its that point whn you mentally hit yourself and say something like D'oh
I'm having a slaphead momoent: used in the context to explain to a colleague why you have just done something silly. Similar to senior moment or blonde moment, but without the justification of being elderly or blonde.

"Our nominee for slaphead of the week is........". Used in the context of a project review meeting for this weeks most idiotic error
by markwjames January 14, 2006
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someone who is soooo stupid you have to slap them in the head
You are such a slaphead
by sam101lol March 15, 2004
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1. noun. One who warrants slapping one's head in frustration over. example 1. Sometimes this can be used in the first person. see example 2

2. noun. One who merits a sound slap on the head. An idiot. see example 1

3. verb. The action of slapping one's head in frustration over the actions of another (or one's self).
1. "He is a complete and utter Slaphead"

2. "I am such a slapead."
by Mudhooks January 27, 2004
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