Getting very drunk. Like super wasted, hammered, but slandered
Dude, I’m going to get slandered tomorrow at that festival!!
by Queenaileen March 18, 2020
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1.) A phrase used to signify that whatever has just been said is untrue and/or an insult to someone/something.

2.) A phrase commonly used in a humorous fashion as a way to deny an accusation.
1.) So (insert politician's name) promises to lower our taxes, improve healthcare, and protect our Constitutional rights? Lies and slander!

2.) Suzy: "Did you eat the last piece of pie?"
Pete: (w/ crumbs on face) "Lies and slander!"
by Comrade Sami November 11, 2008
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When somebody compares gunna and food. Usually on his social media pages when he is most likely doing nothing, Ex: his new music video, the comments were mostly saying he ate his surroundings
“Hey, you seen gunna’s new TikTok?”

Yeah bro, he ate one of his diamonds
“He eating his car next.”
“Love the gunna slander..’
by Iliketolaugh October 9, 2020
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The reduction of a woman's identity based solely on the size of her breasts.
"Jane has great knockers."

"Woah, man. That's just tit slander."
by Hectortheradio August 6, 2018
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gemini slander is something that needs to be stopped‼️
gemini slander is not okay !!!

why does everyone hate geminis? i love them
by simpforlouispartridge April 25, 2021
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Slander user thepluralofbingusisbingi on tiktok day! It's not an actual holiday but it's very necessary!
" Hey, did you hear what day it is?? " " No? " It's slander day! "
by eitaig August 13, 2021
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