In the game Counter Strike Source, a counter terrorist is skum (worthless garbage that needs to be humiliated and sliced into little pieces with a knife).
Lets humiliate the CT skum!!! HUMILIATION!!!
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Of or relating to the group of bmx'ers characterized by greasy hair, shitty attitudes, often missing front two teeth, in times poor education and grammar, and are more commonly found residing in Arizona. Can also refer to something as being "skummy."
skum of the earth
skum love
pond skum
skum cave/lair
"Dude Gary, your skum."
by sixtyfifen February 20, 2008
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Skum is when you're so high that you can't think straight. That's basically it.
"Brooo I'm so skummm"

"Oh my God I'm so skum I feel like I'm about to pass out"
by avablender October 6, 2019
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Adjective used to describe a creature as a awkwardly blossomous positive contributed to a squad or kick line team. Great sense of humour and taste in clothing. Enjoys 5sos and flannels. Daddy kink. Christmas AF. Not to be confused with scum
Skum: Bye I have to go to seventh period.
Tori: Stay skummy!
Kiki: As if she wouldn't??
by SEJVAKEEKS December 21, 2014
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Is a term used after eating a big bag of Orville Redenbacher popcorn, when all the kernels that did not pop mix in with the leftover crumbs of popcorn that your body needs to eat because your still hungry, but instead pick up the kernel and bite and get pissed off so you throw it away.
"Bill for fuck sakes don't eat all the popcorn! Save me some I don't want none of that kernel skum."
by yeeson March 12, 2009
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crusty punk, that does not take shower, often lives under bridges, walks the streets while piercing various body parts because they "like the attention".
My ex-boyfriend.
"Why can't I get a job?!?!"
Maybe it's because you smell like onions.
by Tash October 28, 2004
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Going for a grog run and paying with coins.

Shortened to 'skummer'/'skumming'.

(If you're purchasing rum, it becomes a 'rum skum run', which becomes increasingly difficult to say each time you go for one.)

Dude 1: man, grog shop closes in 15 minutes and I can't find my 20 bucks!

Dude 2: fuck the 20! grab all the coins you can, we're going for a skum run.


Bro A: 1.. 2.. 4.. 6.. 7.. 7.50.. 8.. 8.50.. 9.. 9.50.. 10.. 10.50.. 10.70, 10.80, 10.90, 10.95.... 11! SKUMMING TIME!
by D Guevara July 5, 2011
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