A fraternity/sorority mixer where the guys wear trenchcoats, the girls wear whatever, and some people get raped.
Frat boy 1: Dude are you going to skate rape tonight?
Frat boy 2: Hell yeah!
*high five*
by The_Greatest August 20, 2009
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When you eat shit so hard while skateboarding that you black out and forget what happened
"One minute I was skateboarding, then before I realized it I was in the Hospital"
"Sounds like you got slipped a skate rape"
by Frokey August 03, 2016
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Mainly used in roller derby and other skate sports where your skate/skateboard penetrates intimate parts of your anatomy during a fall.
"I just fell really hard with my foot underneath me. I was skate raped by my own wheel"
by shellyeah May 04, 2015
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The act of beating the shit out of someone witb a skateboard or skateboard parts.
Dude I totally just busted Anthony in the face with my board and made him kiss my wheels

Yeah he was totally skate raped.
by 2bffs February 02, 2009
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Most famously used in the movie Hobo With A Shotgun. To Skate Rape someone is the act of kicking/stomping at someone while wearing ice skates. Knowing how sharp a pair of ice skates can be, it can be predicted that the victim is going to be fucked up and suffer many cuts and lacerations in the end.

One real world example was in the Northwest in the USA during the winter, when a meth-head who was harassing people at a park next to a high school was skate raped by a drunk teen. Ironically, any fights or violent scuffles that happen typically attract police attention to that park, but no authorities came. Videos of this will most likely be posted to worldstar after the statute of limitations for assault is over with and the student who did it no longer goes to that school and won't face any trouble.
"Ivan skate raped that hobo, but got his skates stuck in a toaster and electrocuted''
"Bro, did you see the video of Ruvim fucking that fool up at the corner? "

"Aww shit, there was another fight??"

"Yeah dude. That annoying toothless tweaker in his 30's that always tries to sell kids that nasty brown molly probably cut with industrial cleaner and meth, and always asks to bum cigarettes? He got fucking skate raped by Ruvim''

"No shit?? That's fucking crazy''

''Yeah, that fool got slashed on the arms, on his forehead, his pants got ripped. That's what happens when you spit on a drunk homie because he didn't wanna buy shitty fake drugs. He's lucky his brother forgot his ice skates in his trunk. The tweaker ran, and afterwards no cops came. It was chill as fuck. I smoked him out a blunt afterwards. Perfect after-school Friday at the park. Hella people got it on video, that shit will be on worldstar once no trouble can come about it''
by Bukkake Tsunami February 25, 2014
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