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Funny 'banter' regarding skiing. Mixing of the words ski and banter.
"John was giving Ryan some serious skanter after having a massive wipe out on the slopes yesterday, you should have seen how annoyed John got!"
by lonelyboyftskanter January 19, 2014
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Humerous 'banter' had while at work, preferably to the detriment of the work you are actually meant to be doing. A combination of the words 'skiving' and 'banter'.
Aw me and Dave were meant to be stacking shelves down the bread aisle, but instead we just sacked it and had some skanter in the lift.
by akg1 July 30, 2010
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This word is used when something was of such high enjoyment and the words skit and banter are not sufficient enough in putting it into words. It should be used sparingly and only for truely deserved events. When used it should also be roared very loudly.
Jimmy - "Man that was so freaking funny"

Tom Joe - "The SKANTER was unbelievable"

Jimmy - "....... True That"
by scruffystack April 12, 2009
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