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When someone says "six up", it means the police are nearby, so whatever you are doing that is illegal you'd better hide it.
This phrase is most commonly heard in parking lots at Phish concerts where many people openly sell or use drugs, or illegally vend food or beer. "Six up!" is used to give people a heads up when the cops are coming around or when there is an undercover cop trying to bust people.
by Bob Williams May 29, 2003
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A deadhead referring to police in the area. It was created in the late 80’s on Grateful Dead tour. The “Six” in Six up refers to the 6 points on a sheriffs badge. NOT number of lights on a car as later thought.
Grilled cheese, what the fuck, It’s just a buck!

Dude, six up, put the food away. They are busting kids...
by Kindguyryan June 24, 2018
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Refers to police being in the area -- refers to the lights on the top of the car (six lights)
"Psst! six up, shut up!"
by Mcdizzle May 18, 2008
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Military expression for "watch your back"
Commonly shouted by nudists on Wreck Beach, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada when the cops are on the beach. Known mostly to locals as a warning to stop doing anything illegal.
Sixup!!!!!!!! (echos down the beach) Sixup!!!!!!
by annimal November 17, 2012
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something that you can say to get arrested and questioned for being homeless at a show.
If you say "six up" you will get jumped.
by Hood July 28, 2003
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