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A toy you give your kids so you can then have sex with your significant other.
Dont worry honey. I gave the kids a sex toy. We're free for at least another 30 min.
by Mcdizzle December 20, 2013

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the only highway in the state of Georgia with a toll, between Buckhead and the northern part of the I-285 loop. 50 cents. This highway was built in part to ease traffic for the 1996 olympics in Atlanta. This highway is notorious for rush hour traffic, the local TV stations call their traffic reports "Surviving GA 400"
Hey, you wanna blow 50 cents by driving on Georgia 400?
by McDizzle March 29, 2004

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The 2d longest North-South Interstate Highway in the United States, it runs from the Canadian Border in Maine to Miami, FL. The highway connects critical cities such as Boston, New York, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond VA.
I was driving on Interstate 95 when those new Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's hit me and i had to drop a shit on the side of the highway.
by McDizzle March 29, 2004

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Refers to police being in the area -- refers to the lights on the top of the car (six lights)
"Psst! six up, shut up!"
by Mcdizzle May 18, 2008

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When one washes his undercarriage (ass, balls and taint - the whole 9 yards) using high pressure water device, such as a hand-held shower head on jet-pulse mode.
I have been traveling for a good week now. I tell you what, when I get home I am gonna have to double up on my ass-fracking to make myself feel clean again.

I just don't feel complete unless I ass-frack.
by Mcdizzle August 11, 2014

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the most absurd highway system in the world. it is quite possibly the only highway that has tolls on EVERY EXIT. You don't have to pay any money to get on the turnpike, only to get off. Just like the GWB (costs 0 to go from NY to NJ, but $6 to go the other way). Also, if you are black, you'll probably get racially profiled. The NJ State Police have HISTORICALLY pulled over disparate numbers of black drivers.
White guy: Dude I'm going like 120 on the New Jersey Turnpike!!

Other white guy: Don't worry, you won't get pulled over, you're white.
by McDizzle March 29, 2004

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