Sissy Hypno is a sub-genre of porn where images of hot women are utilised to turn on the target audience (mainly beta submissive males) and then quickly after a frame or two is shown of an erect cock usually cumming as well as words flashing up on the screen saying "Suck cock" "Eating cum is groovy" "Wear panties" "You need to get on your knees for a man" and phrases that serve to temporarily alter the viewer's sexual tastes (this practice is known as rewiring however it is fully reversible once the viewer lays off fapping and watching this type of porn) and make them think they are actually female in a male body.

Sissy Hypno is very powerful in that for some it can alter their perception of women so instead of getting a huge stiffy when they see a hot woman and therefore wishing to bone them, instead they see the hot woman and feel they are them. Viewing this kind of porn where a man is boning a woman and the Sissy will think they are the woman and will imagine a big dick sliding in and out of their ass. Some sissies go the whole hog and start taking female hormones while some are happy just to dress up in panties and stick objects in their butts while wearing some form of chastity device.
"Have you seen Gavin lately?"
"No however I did hear from his girlfriend that he can no longer get it up for her and instead wants her to peg him up the ass with a giant strap-on while he wears her frillies."
"Blimey, you know what's happened? He's been at the Sissy Hypno again."
by LiberaceHudson September 22, 2017
Sissy hypno is a type of short video or webm file type who's target demographic are sexually suppressed heterosexual males who wish to become gay or become a "sissy" . These short videos quickly flash pictures of naked females as well as male cocks in a subliminal manner in the hopes that they the viewer will become "hypnotized" into enjoying cock.
"Has Quade been a little off lately? He keeps looking at me weird ."
"Yeah I think he's been watching too much sissy hypno"
by DM269 April 23, 2017