someone who doesn't care or is phased by anything evil he sees or does.

"sin" and "ical" from cynical.

also matbi_aep created this so stfu.
oh look he just hurt someone but doesn't care about them. He's sinical.
by matbi.aep February 20, 2020
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used to define the event of a poor mother who drinks red wine daily to have the feeling that she loves her only out of control daughter, and to cover up the fact that she's quite sad and doesn't know what to do
"her mother is so sinical, she's just finished her third glass of wine"
by joelover1 January 8, 2010
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a lifestyle, combination of the words of sin and innocent, a balance in life like yin-yang. a company.
i am sinicent
by girlygirl1222 June 9, 2011
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