Sina is a real man. He is no pussy or wimp, all ladies fall for him because of his looks, and his flirting skills, and many girls lay him for the extraodinary size of his cock. He knows how to get girls off within minutes. When girls have an orgams thats really good, girls usually call it a ''Sina''
Ouch, that boy gave me at least 10 sina's last night.
by Sina the Awesome December 14, 2011
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the greatest person who ever lived, and ever will live. bow down to him you mortals.
damn bitch, sina be bling bling'n dem wenches. w00t!!
by pooz December 27, 2004
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A guy who takes all possible advantages of the resources set out for him in order to manipulate any sort of device.

See hacker, elite programmer.

(note: hacker not to be confused with cracker)
by Sina "The Sina" Iman March 05, 2004
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A Sina is the best man you could ever find.He’s loving and caring and he helps people without any expectations.He might seem shy at first but as you get to know him ,you’ll find him so understanding and thoughtful.He’s mind blowingly handsome and attractive and hard not to fall for.
-Who’s that gorgeous?
+That’s Sina!!can’t you see?
by Jim mathew August 16, 2018
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The person who is caring and beautiful in every aspect a person can see. Girls are jelouse of what or who sina can be, and is always "hatin".Boys are just awe-strucked at how wonderful and hot a Sina can be. So go Sina!!!
Girl1: She is so ugly, I mean look at her why do the boys go after Sina?
Girl2: Probably because they pity her.

Boy1: Sina is so fucking perfect!
Boy2: No she isnt, but pretty damn close to it.
by Bbg.A October 30, 2015
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Is the most best person in the world. like nobody could replace how great a friend she is. And is one of the most prettiest girls in the world.Every boy would date her she is so pretty. She has really dirty blond hair and any boy would be lucky to date her.She will have ur back if someone is bullying you.She will always make you happy when your sad.Also makes you feel like you could tell her anything. Is trust worthy and dependable .She would fight for you if anything and she would get in trouble for you. You can tell her anything and she wouldn't tell not even one person even your deepest darkest secrets she would keep. She is Hispanic and talks in Spanish when you get her mad and sometimes speaks in English too. All her friends love her as family. And if you have a Sinae in your life you are really lucky.
Sinae-"What's wrong,is anyone doing something mean to you.You tell me I will fight them."
Nayaliz-"No people just make me mad in life."
Sinae-"Tell me who I will talk to that person and get his head straight. "
by Best-Hispanic April 07, 2017
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An amazing Samoan girl, who is dedicated to church, loves her family and does her best to make everyone smile when she's unsure about her own feelings. She has beautiful smile and is not conceited. Most people look up to her because of her modesty and dedication to everything she does.
Person 1: Wow, who's that?

Person 2: Oh that's Sina, the Samoan chick. She's really lovely

Person 1: I can see that. She's beautiful .
by Ollie145 December 05, 2013
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