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(v.) to simulbate, simulbated, simulbating
The act of masturbating while playing the computer game Sims.
- but come on, the chances of you getting a girlfriend are what? 0?
- no i had one in the sims. actually, i'm gonna go download the sims 2, that way i can get lots of girlfriends and i'm going to get the british version. that way the girls have that sexy brit accent when they talk dirty to me.
- They don't talk in the sims2?
- They will when i'm sitting alone simulbating
by soul8o8 October 22, 2004
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The act of masterbating in close proximate to somebody else at the same time due to lack of other options for privacy.
Yo, we're going to be stuck living on these bunkbeds in this barracks in Bagdad for like a year. I'm gonna throw this curtain up, you can post up on your laptop over there and throw your headphones on. Don't look over here I won't look over there, and let's just go ahead and simulbate so neither of us walks in on the other later. And let's never speak of this again.
by Maiorani January 13, 2016
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