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a simran is a really good friend. She will be there for u no matter what. Simran's are super trust worthy, and are 100% Worth keep as friend. A simran can be really shy, (espeacially near them guys). But once you break through that "awkward" barior, a simran can be the best thing that has ever happened to u. A simran knows her shit. She always knows what shes getting her self into. Shes brave and willing to take risks... yet shes very clumsy. All a simran wants is a good boyfriend, amazing friendships, love, and company. Simrans are awesome! If you don't have a Simran in your life... YOUR MISSING OUT!
Girl: Hey, can I tell you a secret?
Simran: Of Course you can.
Girl: I like someone
Simran: omg who?
Girl: ******
Simran: thats amazing, I won't tell anyone.
Girl: I know you won't , I can trust you!
Simran: โ™ฅ
by hottie/turth teller July 11, 2018
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the one who is the most sweet and kind person! the one who thinks alot and is possessive for her loved ones
she is simran
by shachel:) July 19, 2018
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Awesome in every way, crazy person, you will fall in love with. Sometimes quiet, but crazy sometimes. Positivity is what defines them. Hate being bound by responsibility. Awesome in general. Worth keeping them as a friend. Want a shoulder to cry on, get a Simran.
by undercoveragent101 March 24, 2013
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simran mean `s someone who is smart and cool . speacily nice
Also it mean god gift .
Tom : talk behind her back
Simran : i no u were talking behind my back but i don`t really care and still beiing nice
by heehaa October 30, 2008
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SEXY AFFF! Hottie with a gorgeous body, loved my everyone. Super sweet and cares about other people. Loves having fun and tends to be wealthy.
Hey how was the party last night?

Oh it was awesome, Simran and I had a great time!

Nice bro!
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