Someone who is a beta human that drives a lemon and gets no pussy
Josh guy is such a simp bitch
by Bigwillyplaya69 May 11, 2020
A person that is younger than you and hangs out with their girlfriend way to damn often
Of course he’s hanging with his girl he’s a Jit Simp
by Gsizzle35 June 27, 2022
A man/woman who gushes over you and shows you tons of affection, while simultaneously being submissive
Your’e a submissive simp, aren’t you?”
by In your dreams October 17, 2022
Simps and Sluts for Snyder is a group of 3 girls that have no filter and like to have fun. They don’t care what people think and they can pull any guy they want.
WOW! Simps and Sluts for Snyder are so cool! I wish I was in their group!
by kittygrace December 30, 2022
Absolute shitfucks that simp for a 16 year old anime character named Izuki Midoriya AKA Deku from the anime My Hero Academia. They usually are absolute fatlards with a deku bodypillow and they live in an apartment complex in anaheim. In rare cases, they can be skinny/built and claim to be a DS(deku simp), but usually are just all might fans, other times the DS are anorexic and are watching their 88th rerun of MHA with their severely cumstained deku body pillow. Most also claim to be lgbtq and prove it by making shitty fanart of deku with a 20 inch horsecock railing another male character in the show, other times is by getting sent 25 letters a day by their absent father, all saying why he should have put the DS on a washcloth.
Carmen winstead is an absolute deku simp, that’s her father left! We should also put her down a sewer drain
by Jackinator84 June 13, 2022
somebody who loves gaara and simps for him
i simp for gaara
by kazekage gaara November 11, 2021
When a Overage girl gets of work and simps for a minor
I just got off work I’m gonna have my simp time
by Shiver will make u shiver March 17, 2021