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similar to sideboob, sideball is simply the view of one side of a guy's ballsack.
holy shit, i swear to God i just saw that old guy's sideball!

WTF!?!? i thought that movie was censored, but i definitely saw some sideball!

paul enjoys looking at my sideball.
by HJMaster69 December 04, 2008
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nice, moderate sized, spherical mammary glands situated far apart from each other off to the side.-somewhat odd looking!
her sideballs inspired a desire for me to 'be her braw', from behind

those sideballs looked nice from behind, but not so nice from the front!

she had some really nice sideballs!
by michael foolsley December 12, 2011
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When a male wears a small type of brief, thong, or swimsuit and one of his balls doesn't have enough room to fit so it hangs out of the brief, thong, or swimsuit.
Jack went to the pool and got arrested for public indecency because he got caught for side ball because he was wearing a really small speedo.
by Penehhhinadaboxxx October 13, 2015
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