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Side bitch is a female who can't get a man of her own so settles on being a fuck. Ladies if u choose to be a Side bitch careful not to catch feelings and when u in the presence of the Main bitch u better step ur ass to the side where u belong!;)
Juan is married but I heard he also has a side bitch! Home wrecker, Hoe, Fuck buddy,
by Chiludo I think not!! February 18, 2016

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Still born is a baby born a sleeping angel. A still born will always be a huge part in their mothers life. A still born is a baby that their mommy carried but unfortunately their born with out life. A still born is still their mommys baby and people don't seem to understand. A still born may have not made it to this earth but is the biggest heartache of them all! A stillborn will always live in their mothers heart and be that mothers child until the end of her time.
I gave birth to my son he was a stillborn. And my life was changed forever!
by Chiludo I think not!! September 15, 2017

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Pronounced "VAR-DO" Vardo is someone who fathered ur kids but never was a father. Vardo is someone who never valued u and cheated on you with ugly ass women. Vardo is someone who lost the best woman he will ever have. Vardo is a god dam fool that needs to grow up and get his shit together. Some words to describe Vardo - immature , selfish, delusional, in denial, dumbass
Vardo ruined his life over a hoe and lost his wife and kids.
by Chiludo I think not!! February 18, 2016

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Cara de puta is what ugly ass skank whores call a woman who is way better looking then they are outta jealousy. They call a beautiful woman cara de puta at first glance just because she getting all the attention they wish they had w/out tryn.They judging her by her looks just cuz she looks good dont mean she a PUTA like they are jealous bitches Bitter bitches sorry that u ugly. Aint my fault!! :-)
Look at that cara de puta getting all the attention from our vatos. She thinks she all that. Who does she think she is walking by.
by Chiludo I think not!! November 10, 2013

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Pronounced "Ju-lee-ah" Jyuliah is a 4'9 nightmare. Jyuliah is someone you are gonna wish your son never met. Jyuliah someone who will disrespect your whole family yet act like you dislike her for no reason at all. Jyuliah is a person that lies like no other. Jyuliah is some one who manipulates and will ruin your life.
Jyuliah is not a very nice person please stay away from her !
by Chiludo I think not!! July 14, 2017

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