a brother and/or sister, younger or older
the only ones who will be there for you through anything and love you no matter what
my best friends
i have the best siblings in the world, they're what i live for.
by baybee b April 03, 2008
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A person who came from the same parents as you, it can be a girl or a boy, older or younger, it doesn't matter. They're like your best friends, but at the same time, they are obnoxious assholes whose purpose is to ruin your life. Younger siblings tend to be spoiled brats that constantly annoy you, but older siblings tend to make you feel like shit.

But you still love them ;)
Me: May i please have the laptop?
My brother: No
Me: Why? I need to do my homework on there!
My brother: Fuck off, i'm playing CS:GO
Me: Ugh, siblings are a pain in the ass... But i still love you anyways ^_^
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by carafa0123 July 16, 2016
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Reminders your parents had a lot of sex...
Why do I have siblings???

Because... You parents liked sex.
by TheBubbies101 August 27, 2014
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a demon that make you want to rip your own ear off and shove it up their fucking ass
My goddamn sibling is running around the house and since she weighs 400 pounds the whole house is shaking
by waffles.and.weed January 09, 2015
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People who say the same thing at the same time and have the same memes in their photo gallery. With lots of love
Omg we have the same meme, God we are siblings
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by Storyskullzx June 27, 2020
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Someone who came out of the same vagina as you, and can either be a boy or a girl.
my sibling is playing my video games on my Xbox.
by Ilisten2Metal October 16, 2014
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