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A gorgeous girl who drawls all attention to her once she enter a room who is a emotional wreck but hard at the same time who doesn't have many friends is very loyal and hard to come by
Damn you see Siani that's a bad bitch right there !
by Amoriahb June 18, 2018
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the name of a crazy ass girl that's most likely under 5'4 with a bomb personality and romantic
damn i need me a girl like siani
by KingZyere June 14, 2017
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Siani is smart, lovely, loves to talk, can be the bestest friend ever, a girl you won't ever want to leave, a intelligent girl who came into this world, who can outsmart you, have a great brain that can control her, make a lot of new friends easy, can have a lot on her mind to get out, have a lot of friends that will never give up on her, friends that will be behind her back if she is getting into a fight, loves to watch YouTube DK4L and D and B Nation, will set her dreams, never give up, a sexy wonderful person you could ever have. That is what a Siani is and ever break her heart or let her down at all.
Siani I want a Siani that is sexy and cute 💖
by Cece Milan Washington March 23, 2017
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Siani is the person that will warm your heart. She is the angel that will stand by you any way she can. She is beautiful and her personality shows it as well. She is the real one. The only one. The main one.
"Siani is so pretty."
"I love how thoughtful Siani can be."
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by KAY2UYA May 31, 2018
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