The baddest bitch ever, who will always be right by your side. Shyloe gets into relationships wayyy too fast and always goes back to her exes, even though she gets hurt over and over. Shyloe is an amazing kisser and a sex legend. When she’s in a relationship, she is the most loyal human ever. She will always make sure you are okay and will love you endlessly.
Dude #1: yo who’s your girl?
Dude #2:: Shyloe!

by bigbootybitch666 December 09, 2019
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Shylo is short female with a lot of fire. She is usually beautiful but unaware or her attractiveness. She generates love and energy and has a way of making people laugh. Shylo is as real as they come.
If you want to be like anyone here, be a Shylo when you grow up.
by ariesgrll77 March 19, 2017
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Shylo is normally very short. She's quiet, until you piss her off. Sher has a lot of rage, but doesn't tell anyone. Shes stunning, and gay.
Wow, dont be such a Shylo.
by hanners bananers October 12, 2012
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Bad ass brown kid at North Medford highschool. He has a black and white stripped jacket and a white shirt and white joes with jeans. He also has a black binder and he like to play hackey sac at lunch.
Shylo Ramirez is brown.
by xXxWhitegirlNMHSxXx November 15, 2011
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shylo krischtein is a celebrity with over 1.1 million tik tok followers shylo krischtein
is famous for the classic hit watch out for my body rolls on youtube with 24 million vewis
shylo krischtein knows the tight pant shimmy according to the internet
by coolcat2772282811 February 26, 2021
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