a shitty dweeb, also can be called shibby dweeb. depending on whether you like the dweeb or not. shibby meaning cool or sweet.
"dude that kid is pretty shweeb for a nerd!"
"omg ur a shweeb i hate you"
by jessiii January 31, 2007
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A shy weeb. A girl /boy who is non japanese, but delve into Japanese culture and the world of Anime. Tend to be passive and shy.
I have a friend who is really into Anime and Japanese culture, but she's very shy to talk about it. She is such a Shweeb.
by HybridCrazyChick May 17, 2018
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yet another word depicting marijuana. ie; weed, ganja, green ect.
sup fool, ya got some shweebs on deck?
by Dr. Giraffe August 26, 2008
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