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A word meaning all around cool. Usually used with the word uber.
Uber shwah can mean:
very cool
wicked cool
all good and such
and in some cases, hi.
1) "Dude, that concert was uber shwah!"
2) "We're going to Hawai'i? Shwah!"
3) "Hey, I havn't seen you in the longest time!
by Ruth February 23, 2005
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the male form of shway. Shwah is awesome. it is the word all ska fans should use.
Dude that was so shwah.
Yeah i have been working on my skanking technique for a while.
by dmitry June 13, 2004
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1. Fancy swag

2. Cool, Awesome

3. Fancy, proper
1. Soli has more shwah than Katie.

2. That pencil is so shwah.

3. That person with the monocule is very shwah. (In this form of using it, it’s describing people that go to operas, wear monocules, and are very fancy.

4. Shwah, shwah. (In this version of shwah, you should be acting very fancy and shwah, prefferably with a monocule, good posture, and walking very fancily and with shwah, can also be used in akward silences, or when you’re bored, MUST be said twice in any of these situations.)

Shwah is a new word, invented by Soli Mellark and Katie Goldberger, but not many people know about it, and for people to know about and hopefully get it in a dictionary, people have to start saying it. So start spreading the word and using it in conversations!
by Moli Sellark April 19, 2012
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