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Those who eat "sushi" so much that when the word is said they excentuate the word with a moan to it evolving it to "shushi".

Japanese food that consists of delicious raw fish, seaweed wrappers, rice, and different types of other thing that just make you say shushi as if there was an orgasm in your mouth.
"Oh my God, that SHUSHI is bomb diggs"
"Ohhhhh mann, I'm craving some SHUSHI"
by Kharyl Anne November 12, 2007
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fob way of saying sushi
"let's get some shushi at black jack"
"what the heck's shushi? speak english you fob!"
by Danneeo March 15, 2007
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The Supreme being; Nobody knows what or how it came to be, but it's fucking spectacular. It can be its own religion, as well as a state of mind.
"I prayed to Shushi yesterday and got a 98% on my test!"
"Me too! I am a true believe of the Shushi. Sometimes I feel its presence nearby, then something really good always seems to happen! What a world!"
by whatwhatwhat13390 June 06, 2014
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