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Simply means, shitty undies (like when you shit yourself (literally) and you get all shit in your undies.)
Dude, after I went on that rollercoaster...I GOT SHUNDIES!
by Johnny452 September 15, 2006
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when someone is so hungover they can't help chundering on top of the horrid shit they just did.
- ah man, i heard my girlfriend do a shundy from the next room on new years day. it was gross!

- bet you were well hungover today mate, you looked pretty pissed last night!
- yeah i was hanging proper bad earlier but i just done a shundy and got on with it.

-wouldn't go in that toilet if i were you mate
-why not?
-someones only gone and done a fuckin shundy in there
by shundyboy2011 January 02, 2011
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Underwear that you keep in the back of your drawer just in case but they are no longer part of your regular wardrobe. IE they are ugly and your partner doesn't like them.
I have a bunch of underwear tucked away that are shundies because my boyfriend thinks they are too saggy.
by anw22 May 21, 2013
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