A word of Arabic origin meaning "look!" Was brought back to Britain after the Second World War by returning soldiers who had learnt the word from Arab peddlars of dirty postcards. The peddlars used to keep the postcards hidden inside their coats and would show them to soldiers saying "Shufti, shufti!" - "Look, look!"
"Take a shufti at this!"
by Reeshar June 06, 2003
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The English form of shufti (arabic for look / take a look)

Originally RAF but later Army also, shufty or shufti became taking a look for possible dangers.
Back home, it was used simply for having a quick look (Am. checking out)
"Whilst researching ships I came across an interesting site and took a quick shufty"

"Take a shufty at this URL" (Am. Check it out)
by Gari July 30, 2005
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To have a glance or to look at.
"Be sure to have a good shufty at the pre-nuptial agreement you're signing."
by Alexandra July 30, 2004
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To have a quick look, a rummage through.
Alt. spelling: Shufty
"I'll just have a shufti through these papers for you."
by the scribe September 27, 2004
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Let's have a shuftie at the menu.

You're hogging the view. Give us a shuftie.
by chi liete January 28, 2014
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To masturbate, (usually a male wanking).

A person who has a "shufty" is known as a "shufter".
Dude had a quick shufty in the bushes while drooling over G's ass.
by Scorpio31 March 05, 2008
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Shufti is a very uncommon roast name. This girl is sexy, and beautiful. She is intelligent and weird. She is known as a crackhead and everyone loves her. She’s perfect. There is nothing wrong with her.
Shufti is so funny
by XocurrymuncherXo November 30, 2019
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