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A shubhank is one who is angry. Gullible, foolish and ugly all wrapped up into one. To be a shubhank you must rage at the smallest of things. Warning never play fantasy football with a shubhank because they will rage when you make a simple trade. Shubhanks are also known for long rants, with no purpose only to prove a point they make, which is nothing short of wrong or extremely flawed. Don't be a shubhank
Chill guy: Yo i just made a trade in fantasy, Peyton Manning for Todd Gurley.

Angry guy: Foolish, how could you give away Peyton Manning he's the best Qb of all time, and he has been to EXACTLY 14 PROBOWL!! How could you do this to me, you're ruining our friendly fantasy league, people at parties all talk shit on you and its lead by me! All i say is "yep.... thats him".

Chill guy: Wow man you're such a shubhank!
by shubhanksahay May 10, 2016
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Think of the most perfect guy that exists. This guy is more perfect.
OMG! That guy is such a Shubhank!
by lionsoap June 02, 2018
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