Intense anal sex performed by a group of elderly Asian men that is done standing in the shape of a circle. This requires at least 4+ men, or 3 men with 14in+ dicks. Ever seen how the chains of shopping carts go together to form a train. Yes, imagine this, however with Large peeneye that go from one man to the next, attached via the rectum. This is more of a party game than Your typical gay day.

This is not to be confused with the ring of fire, which rather comes on after heavily repeated sessions.
Hey, Jerry! Mind if me and my 5 Pals from the wok now express come over at around 7? Perhaps we could take part in a serious Shrimp ring!

Sounds like fun Yeehoi! I’ll look forward to the shrimp ring!
by Captain-Pickle January 13, 2018
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