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to make an appearance, maybe to an event, party, club, get-together etc, that you don't want to be your final destination.
Yeah I'm going to hit up a couple spots tonight but i have to at least show-face at May's party.

Nando: "I'm having this event tonight you wanna come out?"
Lisa: "Yeah, i may show-face, it depends on what's going on, ya dig?"
Nando: "I dig"
by -=DieseL=- March 04, 2008
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the need to boastfully update one's facebook status for the purpose of informing those within their social network of their current activities, whereabouts, successes, casual and sexual affairs, opinions, interests, moods, and social connections. mostly via text, pictures, web site links and video clips. usually posted in real-time for maximum effect.
guy 1: "dude, SHOTS!"

guy 2: "hold on dude, I haven't updated my facebook in like two hours. let's take a pic first and show face."

guy 1: "word, jamie and lynn totally dissed us for that loser todd. make sure the hot bartender is behind us."
by phalon August 02, 2009
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