The bumps you get on the shoulders of a shirt when it's been on a hanger for too long.
Wash the shoulder nipples out of your shirt.
by PerCoceT January 22, 2005
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n: the small bumps that form on top of the shoulders of shirts (typically men's, but not exclusively) after they have been hung on clothes hangers.
"I wanted t wear this shirt today, but when I took it out of the closet it had shoulder nipples on it."
by Evan Jewett August 26, 2006
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When you dry/hang your shirt on a wire hanger and the hanger causes the fabric to stretch out and creates a small imprint resembling a nipple on each shoulder.
That chick be sportin' shoulder nipples! That beezy best be gettin' some padded shoulders beetch!


Bitch, best start neatly foldin' yo laundre.
by Fondle my Smelly Jiz November 30, 2007
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Those pesky bumps left on shirts by the ends of the hangers.
Bob discovered too late that his shoulder nipples were quite erect. "Is it cold in here or are your shoulders just glad to see me?"
by Aldo Barishnikov2 October 22, 2018
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When your collarbones sticks out on top of your shoulders giving them a nipple like appearance
Hey is that a tumour on your shoulder? No that’s just my shoulder nipples.
by Shoulder_nips January 31, 2018
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