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Shot Pong

Shot pong is a variation of beer pong but not nearly the same rules. It also can be a lot cheaper to play because a handle of hard liquor should cater everyone. And if you do not like taking straight up shots, this game is not for you. Otherwise be prepared to get smashed a lot quicker then you ever would playing beer pong.
Ok, so first off you will need a playing surface. A piece of plywood about 10 feet long would be fine or if you have a ping-pong table even better. Remember, this game is similar to beer pong so think along the lines of something you would use for a surface in beer pong. Then comes the cups, you will need six of them. Set up the cups at one end of the playing surface. They should be in a triangular formation, one at the top, then two below that and ending with three cups at the edge of the table. For the booze you will need a medium sized shot glass and don’t forget to have a ping-pong ball. You have now finishing setting up the playing surface.
Now this game is best played with four people. One person stands at the end with the cups. Another person stands at the opposite side and one person on each side of the table. The persons who turn it is to throw the ball will stand opposite to the cups. This person gets three throws per turn to try to get it into the cup. This is were it gets confusing and different from beer pong. For each shot the person makes out of three you fill up the shot glass 1/3. If the person makes 2 out of three you fill up the glass 2/3 and so on. If the person doesn’t make a single shot then they don’t have to take a shot. Once the three shots are over the liquor is drank by the person standing at the end of the table with the cups on it.
Once the persons turn is over the table rotates clockwise, so whoever was shooting and drinking moves the side of the table and waits. The person on the right side of table is now the shooter and the person who was on the left is now the drinker. Continue to play as long as you want. It is quite a simple game and can be a lot of fun. Enjoy!

• (There is also another optional variation for more heavy drinkers. The front cup can count as one entire shot; therefore someone can end up doing three shots. If they only make one front cup and two other back cups then that would be 1 2/3 shots.)

Invented by Nick May and the MidNite Lounge. *2007

shot pong is a great game that will get you plastered quickly unless you suck at life
by dayhandler November 09, 2008
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An up and coming drinking game involving bouncing ping pong balls into shot glasses. Rules are subject to change, as the game is still in development. Invented at the University of Southern California in September of 2006.
Man, Sam is really f'ing good at shot pong.
by AMF@SC November 19, 2006
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