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“Waste of meat” is an insult especially used when trying to call someone dumb. This goes well with you dumb pigeon, you absolute imbecile, and you retarded bot.
Person 1: how do u write “yeet”
Person 2: you dumb imbecile, you absolute retard, dumb Pigeon, waste of meat. Oh my god!
by REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE >o< September 24, 2019
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shot put is a game where you throw a metal ball and try to get it as far as possible.
Sensei rhys explained to ben, "shot put is where you YEET a metal ball".
by REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE >o< March 7, 2019
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Go commit self deletus is one of the hundreds of roblox memes published to the internet. Its also used as a (poor) comeback to some insults including ur mom gay lol (the ultimate one shot kill insult(the only comaback for that is no u)). commit self deletus means go kill yourself (as you can probably tell). some other similar memes include, go commit toasterbath, go commit die, go commit death-pacito, go commit neck-crack-bone, go commit waterbreathe, go commit knife-heart, go commit no alive, go commit tower jump, go commit uninstall life, and go commit scooter-ankle.
This is Yeetus yeetus commit self deletus being used as an attempt to make a comeback from "ur mom gay lol" and "no u".
Person 1: ur mom gay lol
Person 2: no u
Person 1: go commit self deletus
Person 2: go commit toasterbath
Person 1: go commit die
Person 2: go commit waterbreathe
and so on...
by REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE >o< March 7, 2019
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