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noun: slang for poop
verb: to use the number two
Hey Joel, where is the bathroom? I need to take a shnag.
by Joel Kirksey March 22, 2006
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To enjoy oneself, have a good time. Also a slang word for gossip or stories to tell. Can be used as a slang word for any object, event or happening.
"we had good shnags", "any shnags at ya", "wats the shnags", "take a look at these shnags", "are you making the tea shnags"...etc
by Ian McIntyre November 21, 2006
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1. A good deal; A fair deal; A cop; A Sice
2. Snag.

1. To cheat; To cop; To Sice
2. To steal.
3. To have sexual contact with.

1. To ask to give.
1. That test was such a Shnag.
2. Can you Shnag me the homework.
3. Person 1: Did you do the homework?
Person 2: Yes do you want it?
Person 1: SHNAGGGGG!
4. Shnag me that number.
by samhangster October 29, 2018
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A tall man with grey hair and a long face. Usually skinny and articulate.
Man 1: I facebooked your shnag.
Man 2: Aren't you meant to say mum?
Man 1: My point...
Man 2: Well i'm gonaa facebook your fat writhing peice of crap.
I went to far didnt i?
"sounds of punching"
by Jazaaa July 23, 2008
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