To get beyond fucked up to the point where your legs are wobbling and you get thrown out of the club you attended but still coherent enough to pick up women. Present tense: shmurdering
Did you see Floyd shmurda at the Wiz concert? He brought home 3 hoes and then threw up all over them during the ride home, and they still smashed!
by madeLIFE December 15, 2014
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A non-formal way of greeting your friend. It's like homie. When you want to dab up your og and you are tired of the casual "what good homie" or "what up bro"
by obiwankanoboobies March 11, 2022
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Boy: What is he doing?
Boy: hes Shmurdaing
by Hails69 April 7, 2015
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Bobby Shmurda is a mystical being who can throw light-weight objects (such as a hat) in the air and they never come back down.
Person 1: Damn how did that hat get so high
Person 2: Bobby Shmurda must have throw it
by BannanaSavage November 16, 2018
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The greatest motherfucking rapper to have ever lived.
Person 1: *sigh* I really miss you Bobby
Bobby Shmurda: It's alright my son, i may be incarcerated, but ill be back soon my darling.
Person 1: *Tearing up* God? is that you?
by CA$HFLOW_300C April 17, 2018
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Hot nigga who been selling crack since the fifth he didn't really give a fuck about how much he made, john john told him how to pack and how to maintain, but he gets the money and spends it on the same thang, shawty love the way that he ballout, he been getting money till he fall out, if you talking cash dawg he goes all out,OH YEAH and if you aint a hoe get out of his traphooouse! follow me on ig @rebid
by flashzey August 27, 2014
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check out bobby shmurda doin the shmoney.
by NatasX October 24, 2014
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