The name used for money that is acquired illegally, or through under the table offers. Hence the "Shhh" sound emphasizing the fact one must being quiet about how they recieve the money; when acquired, calls for a dance, usually the Shmoney Dance
Yo man, I wuz hustlin' and gettin' dat shmoney boi!!!
by José Mandarez November 25, 2014
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Shmoney is used to describe a Shit load of money, hence the "Sh" for "SHit load"
I be making hella shmoney !
by apriilmay July 08, 2019
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It's a gangsta way to say "money". Used more commonly by Bobby Shmurda and Cardi B.
by Lifs December 09, 2021
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Money earned on the hush hush.

Hence "Shhh...Money". Shmoney
"I've been selling crack since like the fifth grade. Gave a little bit of Shmoney to my mom"
by otymartin February 04, 2016
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"Shmoney" is another way of saying "money" but in a ghetto way and has been used by the Queen herself, Cardi B
It's all about that shmoney, you know what i'm sayin'? - Cardi B
by Retardi B June 21, 2018
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