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Brandon "I gotta take the ill shizmo after that workout."
by Neo June 15, 2003
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1-the combination of shit and the fuzzy creatures from the quiznos commercial

2-Something that is equally ugly as the grimlin creatures from that crappy 80's movie
ex 1
Clare: hey look at that shizmo
Sara: yea u want sum quiznos
Clare: heck yes

ex 2
Clare: should i wear this to the party?
Sara: no way dude u look like a flipin Shizmo that just had a seasure, woke up in kansas, had its nappy-ass coat soaked in goat piss, got fried, & died
*smile* =
Clare: Bitch! find ur own ride to the party!
*pulls out shank*
by Clare C April 02, 2006
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A band name that was not yet, a defined word or term , created in 1999, so every definition beond that year is not original, Shizmo was first documented in Sacramento News and Review, in 1999, so unless you proved any earlier proof, then you are wrong , I made this name with my friends, Rob and Tom, and I have the proof, so beat it, and what is really means is, A band name that was the last thought of as finally a name that hasnt been used, the shit, or otherwise known as the unknown, indeed individual original and the SHIZMO
Shizmo was an awesome band that played at historical Capitol Garage in downtown Sacramento, before it was torn down and a Comercial building was put into its place.
by Brian Shizmo March 22, 2017
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