3 definitions by Jasandy Dunkirk

In this day and age no-one pays for videos anymore. This saying is the updated version of "Id pay to see that", bringing it in line with the modern world.
Ben - Yo, did you hear that Summer and Rain made out last night at the party?

Josiah - Woah, I'd torrent that.

Jason - So we had a bike race last night and Mark wiped out big time

Joe - haha I'd torrent that!
by Jasandy Dunkirk July 16, 2009
To dance and move to music as if you're possessed (i.e. sky high on drugs). Dont give a shit whos watching. Triple effective if you actually have dreadlocks.
That guy at Beach Break Live was totally dreadlocking to that music! Totally bodacious!
by Jasandy Dunkirk September 20, 2008
Any band that you feel makes noise and not music.
Dom: Wheres other Dom and Joe?

Jason: Theyve gone to that gig to see shitty shitty band band

by Jasandy Dunkirk November 1, 2008