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Dementia poocox-
A psychotic disorder characterized by frequent scent detection of fecies. Often times shitsoprenics have multiple personalites in which one "face" carries on everyday smelling, but the other "face" intermittently becomes overwhelmed with the scent of man dumps. After years of untreated shitsophrenia subjects develop a poo-losophy and become distant from bathrooms altogether. As many cases advance through time subjects afflicted find themselves hallucinating and screaming until insanity pervades. At this point in the hallucinations, accidental suicide is prevalent as the subjects seek to plug their nose with anyhing they can find and eventually squish their brain.
"Dude it smells like baby brown paste like mass in here I gotta get out of here, oh wait, I guess it doesn't that must be my shitsophrenia acting up again."
by JoRoMo December 10, 2009
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