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imaginary creature made of shit that plays in your underwear and leaves skidmarks, as well as tangles up all of the cords for electrical devices.
How the hell did my TV cord get tangled up! It goes straight into the wall, musta been a friggin shitmonk.
by bridgeburner216 November 26, 2009
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The name commonly given to people who worship shit. For example: 1. People who eat their shit or the shit of others. 2. People who have a shrine in their home and pray to Shitzi ( the Greek god of shit ). 3. People who lay big shits in the toilet, or in their bed, and bring their friends in to inspect the glory. 4. People who worship having shit on their penises so much that they go around ramming their cocks in the shitholes of many dogs.
Guy1: Man, my damn toilet is clogged up!
Guy2: Hey, call Daniel. He'll fix it. He'll shove his arm up in there and pull that turd right out. Yeah, he's a real shitmonk.
by EatMyJunk April 24, 2009
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an effensive word use to call people by and has no refference to a monk
festy: hey shitmonk
camers: thats mean
by Doomover August 23, 2008
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