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A very bad christmas. You do not get any presents you like or don't get any at all. You spend your christmas somewhere you do not want to be.
I had a shitmas last year at my grandparents house; they didn't even give me anything!
by goperB October 04, 2006
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The consumerism Holliday that took the place of the Christian Holliday of Christmas, in the same way that Christmas took the place of the pagan tradition of celebrating the winter solstice. Shitmas is celebrated by buying others excessive amounts of needless shit, with the goal of expressing the monetary value of your love, through the monetary value of your shit.
Ruth: hey Mark! How was your Shitmas?

Mark: Ah man! It was the best Shitmas yet! My family, friends and I all bought each other so much shit that we had to rent extra storage units, just to fit it all! Now I need to get a second job, to start paying off the debt!
by AnonymousBloke December 20, 2017
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