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The religion in which "shit" is praised.
The turd commandments are as follows:
1.Don't shit in a pit.
2.Don't poo after eating a vindaloo.
3.Don't grunt when you're having a poo.
4.Don't wipe with nettles.
5.Refer to yourself as a shitist.
"I say Agatha" said Reginald, "is this chap christian, or one of the Jews?
"I do decalre! Reginald, he is a shitist. He follows shitism"
"Capital." Regie responded
-source, Pride and Prejudice by J Austen
by Henry Taylor December 11, 2006
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The practice of substituting words or parshall words in a sentence with 'shit'.

Invented by Jim Lahey, a character in Trailer Park Boys (R.I.P.).
"Lahey that's enough with the shitisms"

Examples of a shitism are:

The winds of shit are upon us!

I can smell a shiticane coming Randy!

You idiots have loaded up a double barrel shit machine gun and it's pointed right at your own heads
by 123pshyc! July 08, 2018
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