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The religion in which "shit" is praised.
The turd commandments are as follows:
1.Don't shit in a pit.
2.Don't poo after eating a vindaloo.
3.Don't grunt when you're having a poo.
4.Don't wipe with nettles.
5.Refer to yourself as a shitist.
"I say Agatha" said Reginald, "is this chap christian, or one of the Jews?
"I do decalre! Reginald, he is a shitist. He follows shitism"
"Capital." Regie responded
-source, Pride and Prejudice by J Austen
by Henry Taylor December 11, 2006
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The practice of substituting words or parshall words in a sentence with 'shit'.

Invented by Jim Lahey, a character in Trailer Park Boys (R.I.P.).
"Lahey that's enough with the shitisms"

Examples of a shitism are:

The winds of shit are upon us!

I can smell a shiticane coming Randy!

You idiots have loaded up a double barrel shit machine gun and it's pointed right at your own heads
by 123pshyc! July 08, 2018
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An induced delusional state of mind where magic words and phrases, like "Great Deal Soon," "FANTASTIC!" "tremendous," "MOAR Tarrifs," elicit a desired effect, leading to zombism and constipation. There is no know cure.
The stock market under Trump is full of so much shitism that sunshine isn't even blowing out his ass!
by CABG Patch March 01, 2019
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