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A completely awful haircut , often defined as something akin to a 7 blade all over . Takes about two minutes in the barber's chair and bang your looking shit as ever.

Famous sporters of the shitcut include markey stephens and fergal markey
" theres the shitcut ! "
by frankysteves February 27, 2012
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1: To shitcut (verb): to summarise tedious bullshit into something intelligible, to either get to the meaning underneath, or discard the argument.

2: A shortcut that, when taken, goes badly wrong. Especially appropriate in rural settings.
1: Most corporate-speak can be shitcut into 'Work together and stop looking at porn during office hours!'

2: 'Since when was a rock festival held at an abattoir? This was a real shitcut!'
by YossarianSmith June 08, 2009
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When there is not enoough time to take a full bowel movement, you take a shitcut.
Oh god, I'm gonna miss the movie, guess I'll have to take a shitcut.
by J Davis September 16, 2005
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