An exclamation, usually used in a humorous fashion. May be substituted for "fuckies, crap, dammit, fuck, motherfucker, etc."
Scholar #1 : What's today?

Scholar #2 : Wednesday.

Scholar #1 : Shitcock, i have Spanish today.
by Autolyticsociety October 4, 2006
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1. Literally a cock covered in shit, after anal penetration.

2. Derogatory term for a homosexual person.
Get away from me shitcock!
by matt November 13, 2003
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A cross between an Asshole and a Cock. Or the resultant offspring of an asshole and a cock. Not nesasarily denoting sexual behaiviors resultant in fecal matter being present on ones schlong but relating to their behaiviors or mannerisoms.
tony blair is a shitcock
by N.Magic May 8, 2005
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A cock fresh out of someone or somethings ass.
Yeah so I look down and she's blowing my shitcock. No lie!
by Da_Nigga February 28, 2003
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when you take a shit and accidently shit on your cock
Last time I took a shit I got a huge shitcock.
by john master January 11, 2008
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a shit-cock is an apparatus used to turd-dock. turd-docking is a universal sex act performed by men and women. when you perform this act both partners feel the same sensation. you make a shit-cock by taking a dump, and placing it in a condom. always remember to tie the condom in a knot at the end. to turd-dock you insert the shitcock into partner 1's asshole and then partner 2 inserts the remaining portion into his/her asshole. then the two partners use their bowels to push the shit-cock back and forth.
you can use shit-cock as a replacement word when you are at a loss for the real word that you are looking for:

"hey dude, could you go grab that shitcock?"

"i better go and get some shitcock"
by maffew1234 May 26, 2006
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v. To leave shit on another's cock after after being on the receiving end of anal sex.
"That old bastard tricked me. He didn't have his enema today and shitcocked me after I came in his ass!"
by Igglepud January 14, 2010
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