Originates from the ye old mainer up alone on his porch talkign about the passer byers. Commonly used with the term little infront of it.
"oh look at that one he is a little shitbird"
by Justin B-K January 21, 2006
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when a big giant rock lands on your foot! the first thing out of your mouth is "shit bird". It usally means you had a small stroke of instant bad luck.
ahh, "shit bird", i just didnt need that right now!
by Lewiville September 13, 2006
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one who eats his own shit
Bob Boule is the dumbest shitbird at this company
by Steve O December 05, 2003
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Moronic person, irrelevant person, person that makes a complete ass of themselves
david macias and joey bearly are fucking shitbirds ..slappy , moron
by Giovanni29935 June 22, 2015
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A person who "shits" all over your favorite things you might like. Originally meant for a useless thing/person, it comes to mean a n assholes who treats the things you like like trash.

It can also be applied to people who talk

Negatively about others, wether it be behind their back or in front of their face.
Man, Chris is such a shit bird. Every time we watch a movie, he keeps shitting on the film while we watch it.

Scott keeps talking shit behind everyone's back. He's such a shitbird .
by XyloboneX889 April 29, 2018
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Someone who likes to get hopped up on drugs and vandalize their school's bathrooms with drawings, toilet paper, explosions, etc. All shitbirds worship the lizard gods and the lizards tell them to spread their religion to their school via sharpie. Never hand a shitbird a sharpie, if you do he/she will immediately leave the room and the next time you walk into a bathroom there will be lizards everywhere. Taking prescription benzos can lead to you becoming a shitbird and if you take these drugs, you will likely wake up in the middle of a bathroom full of lizard drawigs, covered in ink.
"Hey shitbird, stop vandalizing all the bathrooms
by The Xan Man February 28, 2019
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An unorganized group of small time drug dealers, drug users, bathroom vandals, and other delinquents who have no other goal than to do as much damage as they can to school and government property. The most infamous shitbird The Xan Man is responsible for the dozens of graffiti attacks in school bathrooms, where drawings of lizards cover the bathrooms.
"The shitbirds fucked up every single bathroom in the school so now we have to shit outside"
by Xanax Man December 10, 2018
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