The key no one EVER bloody fucking uses. This key is normally ignored by morons, imbeciles, ignorants, dumbasses, shitbirds, and all around -twats-.
Morons that ignore this beautiful key, often forget many other, wonderful, things you can do with a keyboard.
See: GrammarPunctuation
People on the internet often come back with a big, bullshit argument based on the 'fact' that no one bother to type things correctly on the computer because its a waste of time.
Well you know what, shitbird? If you learn how to type, and practice good grammar, punctuation, and spelling, eventually typing like this on the computer is easy. I, personally, think writing "omfglaewlers, 1 jst t0k @ sh1t! LOL!"
Shitbird (someone who ignores shift): hi wasszup lol
Me: After you go to sleep tonight, i`m going to fucking murder you with a rusty butter-knife.

Shitbirdtwo: Omfg laewl u r so stupid ppl don typ gud on the cmpt bcse its hrd lol pls shift key dsnt evn mke sense lOL
Me: Go fall in a well and DIE.
by Mayleena April 7, 2007
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When you go Shift Key Crazy you capitalize every beginning letter of every word you type, or in other cases capitalize every other letter in a word.
Charles: "I just got an email from my girlfriend!"
Derek: "Damn she went shift key crazy, look at all those caps!"

Email: "Hey ChArlEs I ToTalLy LoVeD THe MoViE We SAw LaSt NIghT, I WoUld LoVe To SeE AnoTheR!!"
by JAlexander3542 April 27, 2010
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it is when you have an irrevocable change.

CHARLES THOMAS MUNGER says" there in no social status. and given his WISE ASSERY.EXCEMENT.288 " there is know social status.

When I was walking "A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON died today.

When you walk through a GRAVEYARD you get this REALIZATION about LIFE SAVERS.

Something that should be included in EV.

Listen understand when you are walking through THE HOLY CROSS CEMETERY with a FUNERAL going on as O got this inspiration that when we are above we got that inscription that says we are THE REAL ENGINE but on the CEMETERY SHIFT KEY our UNREAL ENGINE becomes what we b2come as he REAL ENGINE the you can say is INSITE..

The only thing is , when you press the CEMETERY SHIFT KEY , we all get the same LETTER that is FOR REAL"

Well , if you apply ECONOMICS we push the CEMETERY SHIFT KEY and we all become equally A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON.

When somebody saves YOUR LIFE as FUCK give them your BIRTH RIGHTS includes SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and where you grew up because they have the CEMETERY SHIFT KEY reserved for a lot later on , because after all , "THEY SAVED YOUR LIFE" so don't be afraid to SUCK ON IT as be A PROUD SUCKER.

Listen most drive with an insurance policy so it won't hurt to have a CEMETERY SHIFT KEY in your vehicle as to avoid that CONVERGENCE FLIGHT as you can avail yourself of the SIMULATION.

When the CEMETERY SHIFT KEY is applied the REAL PEEPLES most have ignored are the UNREAL ENGINE now in your REAL ENGINE LIFE.

More than AN AUSSIEH0LE as the CEMETERY SHIFT KEY as the silent thunder and a little GRAV ITY as the REAL LAND OF THE DOWN UNDER.
by DIT KOMON ASSH0LE April 23, 2022