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When you fart around the turd that is locked and loaded in your colon. Typically lingers for several minutes.
Tommy dropped some shit mist in science lab today. My glasses fogged up and the chick next to me threw up.
by mark c73 January 21, 2008
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when you walk into a wet fart and it stick to you
1.)holly shit i just walked into some motherfucking shit mist .
2.)God dammit kevin you keep spraying that shit mist everywhere
3.)Hey jackson how bout you just back off whenever the fuck i fart shit mist instead of complaining about it like a little bitch
4.)how bout you just wipe your ass and walk around in boxers the whole time and i wont bitch about your shit mist anymore
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by Trony420 August 21, 2017
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A fart that is so overwhelmingly pungent it makes the air dense with stench particles.
person 1: "Did you fart?" person 2: "Why?"
person 1: "I think i need a gas mask, i could cut the air like cake!!!"
person 2: "Ha ha ha... shit mist!"
by Jennysayspenis June 19, 2011
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