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The act of clenching ones butt to prevent a leak of the anus. The result of this act makes one do a speeding duck walk to the bathroom.
Dude! That guy had to use the shitter so bad he had to do the shit walk!
by Chris AKA $SPUDZ$ March 11, 2008
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The walk you take when you have to take a shit usally in a public place. this walk consist of swearing, holding and rubbing of the stomache and constent mumbles of how bad you have to shit. The moment you see the bathroom door you feel a huge sense of relief.
Mike: yo are we leaving yet?

Chris: ya man just wating for Mark.

Mike: where the is he?

Chris: Oh he just took a shit walk, who knows when he'll be back...
by Callmedragon16 December 13, 2011
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To walk with one's head held high and an attitude of utmost disgust towards whomever the walk is aimed at.
"Dude, that team sucks. Let's shit walk them and freak them out a bit."
by Danielle7 February 10, 2007
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When a person is walking and taking a shit at the same time, preferably without clothes on. The result is a silly walk while doing it.
Take the camera and record me while I do this awesome shit walk.
by Toggi August 19, 2008
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