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An expression referencing a severe ass whooping which can be delivered/received by hands, feet and/or objects. More than one deliverer may be involved. To get one's shit caved in is to be left incapacitated on the ground with bruises, bleeding and/or broken bones. The victim may or may not be left conscious although it is considered more appropriate to leave the victim conscious so they can feel their entire body hurt while thinking about what they did to get their shit caved in. Considering the scope of the ass kicking, it is entirely possible for the victim to literally get their shit kicked back into their ass if they needed to take a dump at the time.

In extreme cases, getting one's shit caved in results in death.

The word ordering can be modified in a few ways depending on usage. See examples.
Dominic Toretto once caved a guy's shit in when said guy caused the death of Dominic's father.

Near the end of Sin City, Detective Hardigan caved Junior Roark's shit in.

Before getting shot in the back of the head, Johnny Vang got his shit caved in by Chev Chelios.
by Yeret August 12, 2017
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